• Cycling

    The Whitefish area holds countless adventures for all kinds of cycling interests. Whether your sights are set on screaming down a single track mountain trail, pushing the pedals on a long and varied road ride, taking the family out for an afternoon of easy trail riding, or pedaling to City Beach for a day of R&R on a beautiful sunny day. Whitefish offers it all!

    Mountain biking opportunities range from resort riding at Whitefish Mountain Resort, to trail rides outside of town at Spencer Mountain, the Pig Farms, Round Meadows, and Tally Lake. There are trails ranging from the beginner learning to steady themselves on uneven terrain to the heartier off road pedalers looking for technical and varied terrain.

    Road cyclers have a myriad of options in the area as well. You can pedal yourself through varied and beautiful landscapes taking you to the north end of Whitefish Lake, stress the heart and lungs on a challenging climb up to the base of Big Mountain, or wind your way towards Glacier National Park on the quiet back roads heading up to the North Fork Road. Whitefish is also a favorite stop on a map of transcontinental tours for those whose ambitions take them from coast to coast!

    In downtown Whitefish the beginning stages of a bike and pedestrian system of trails is beginning to develop, connecting City Beach on Whitefish Lake to the junction of Hwy 40 where the Riverside sports complex is located, all along the Whitefish River. Come September, this trail system will be linking critical areas of town such as Kay Beller Park, Riverside Park and the Kiddie Park.