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    Whitefish Outfitters & Tours
    Job Description

    About Us

    Whitefish Outfitters and Tours is a small, locally owned/managed tour company based in Whitefish, Montana. We pride ourselves in providing world-class experiences for our guests while also providing lucrative jobs for our guides and employees.
    We are young and we are growing rapidly. No two days are ever the same. In our peak seasons of May-September, the management team works hard to ensure the smooth running of daily operations. This does not mean we do not value time off, it does mean that your 8-hour day can easily turn into a 10-hour day if that’s what is needed.

    Job Summary

    The General Manager sits just below the owner in our corporate structure. The GM is responsible for multiple aspects of the business including:
    • Website development and management
    • Product development within our reservation software- PeekPro, FlyBook
    • Hiring, onboarding, training, firing. Payroll.
    • SM management: posting, budgeting, running ads.
    • Management of all employees including the Operations Manager
    • Corporate/group bookings
    • Tour and trip development
    • NPS & FS permit applications and reporting
    The GM is free to use systems of organization that are already in place, or to create/develop/implement their own systems.

     General Overview

    Depending on the staff working (high season/slow season) you will likely be opening or closing the business for daily operations. You’ll cross paths with most guides going out for tours that morning and assist with any questions or concerns.
    Email and administrative work involve everything from responding to client emails and trip requests, to managing the season details:
    • Shoulder seasons (April/October/November) are times for applications and reporting. You’re gathering all the information for those use applications with the Park Service and the Forest Service.
      • There are SOPs and already developed tools to assist with learning this process.
    • The beginning and end of each season is also when we’re prepping for the next trip cycle- developing winter/summer tours, getting those online with updated copy and photos, rearranging the website, doing keyword research and blog posts.
    • Main seasons- summer/winter- are fully focused on day-to-day management and operations.
    You’ll be managing hourly staff daily; delegation is key. Reservations staff should be equipped to handle all booking and reservation questions. When you are fully staffed, you’ll make rounds to hotels and properties, handing out rack cards and letting them know what we have available.
    The GM is also responsible for hiring, training, and developing employees. Typically, two seasonal training dates are held for employees. It’s your job to organize and lead those training sessions with support from the Operations Manager.

    Who You Are

    The ideal GM is dynamic, kind, and energetic- a creative problem solver with a positive attitude and willingness to grow. They have experience in the outdoor industry and are passionate about the outdoors and the hospitality/tourism industry. You are looking for a position in which they can grow and contribute creatively. You remain calm and clear-headed in stressful situations. 

    The Ideal Candidate Has:

    -Managed teams of employees for 5+ years
    -Experience with web design and SEO
    -Experience with SM marketing
    -WFR or WFA certification
    -First Aid/CPR certification (required)
    -A clean driving record (required)
    -Excellent written and verbal communication
    -Proficiency in Microsoft Office/Excel/Word (required)
    -Ability to learn new software systems
    -Experience in sales/marketing/trip development

    Salary: $55k-$70k / year DOE
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