• Loan Processor - Executive Assistant

    Black Diamond Mortgage Corporation
    Job Description
    ? Assist the CEO in all tasks related to running the corporation. ? Call, fax and email clients and investors frequently throughout the day. ? Present a positive and encouraging demeanor to clients and investors during situations that can be stressful or chaotic at times. ? Acquire and assemble client verification documents and disclosures for investor loan approval in a .pdf format. ? Constantly update client closing schedules and remaining tasks required in coordination with the CEO and loan originators. ? Work with many 3rd parties that are relied upon to complete tasks and insure the 3rd party's ability to meet our deadlines. ? Perform tasks that are not in the standard job description or assign them to a loan originator or the CEO without allowing them to remain incomplete. ? Assist in the preparation of initial loan documents and disclosures for delivery to clients. ? Become familiar with state and federal home lending laws and work with all employees at the corporation to insure compliance. ? After loans are funded, withdrawn or denied, "close-out" files using the company manual, loan originator and CEO for guidance to insure acceptability and compliance with federal and state laws. ? File reports on loan files to state and federal entities. ? When problems arise, solve the problem or assign it to a loan originator or the CEO, but always work to solve problems. ? When the company is busy, prioritize tasks according to corporate priorities, client closing schedules, the advise of the CEO and loan originators. ? When the company is slow, improve existing processes for the next time that the company is busy and assist CEO and loan originators in marketing efforts. ? Continually update a detailed manual on all job tasks so that others in the company can fill in if you are absent, or otherwise out of the office. ? This is a limited job description.
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