• Bar Manager

    V.F.W. Lion Mtn. Post #276
    Job Description
    Looking for experienced bar manager with the following skills:
    • Great interpersonal, communication and customer-service skills
    • Ability to hire, train, manage and schedule staff
    • Extensive knowledge of liquor, bartending and service protocols
    • TIPS Certified
    • Solid organizational skills and facility with budgets, inventories and negotiating prices with vendors
    • Great sales skills and talent for developing promotions or new products
    • ability to occasionally lift 50 lbs
    • Willingness to work nights, weekends and holidays

    Some Responsibilities for Bar Manager:

    • Attend frequent meetings with board
    • Source and train staff to best fit the bar's needs
    • Schedule staff in an efficient manner to best cover the demands of the customers
    • Communicate with vendors to assure the appropriate amount of products are on hand for the forecasted demand
    • Resolve all staff conflicts swiftly and properly
    • Assure all transactions and banking are conducted with no variance
    • Work shifts required to meet the needs of the bar. This may include nights, weekends and holidays
    • More details provided in interview

    Contact Information