• Seasonal Prep Cooks

    Belton Chalet
    Job Description
    As a Prep Cook you will be responsible for performing the following tasks to the highest standards. This position works directly with food preparation.
    The Prep Cook is a mid-level kitchen position involving the prepartion and presentation of hot food for either the Dining Room or Events. Perform all duties toward the goal of providing excellent guest service in an efficient manner.
    You will prepare, set-up, service, clean up and restock the prep area and maintain sanitatio standards in your area. You may be required to prepare stocks, soups and sauces according to Chef's directions. You will assist in food production of meats, starches, vegetables, etc. according to established recipes. You must be able to commit food specifications to memory. Work quickly, efficiently, and safely with all kitchen equipment. Must have the ability to follow directions and absorb large amounts of information in a short time.
    This position requires bending, stretching, reaching, pushing and standing for long periods of time. You may be required to assist fellow team members and other departments wherever necessary.
    Maintain appearance and uniform standards. Develop positive communication and teamwork with all co-workers, management and owners.
    Full/Part Time
    Offering Competitive Salary
    Flexible Hours
    Located outside Glacier National Park
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