• Community Outreach Coordinator at the North Valley Food Bank

    North Valley Food Bank
    Job Description
    North Valley Food Bank (NVFB) strengthens food security and builds communities in the northern
    Flathead. Our Community Outreach Coordinator is a self-directed, highly organized, creative and detail
    oriented individual with experience in marketing and social media strategies, grant management, database
    software, and customer service. Their role is to manage outreach activities, raise awareness about NVFB’s
    services and to support our operations and development efforts. They conduct research, draft reports, as
    well as create and coordinate social media and educational content.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Professional Competencies
    ? Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in a relevant field
    ? At least 3 years’ experience working in the nonprofit sector
    ? Excellent research, written and oral communications skills
    ? Community minded with strong relationship or “people” skills
    ? Ability to cultivate and maintain positive rapport with peers, customers, volunteers, and
    community partners
    ? Minimum 2 years experience in Marketing, Brand development, Social Media Strategies and
    Marketing Analytics
    ? Knowledge and familiarity with food assistance programs/social services as well as community
    resources and services
    ? Ability to coordinate resources, as well as analyze and interpret demographic, geographic and
    other relevant data sets as it relates to the NVFB’s service area
    ? Ability to work with a diverse group of individuals in a compassionate manner
    ? Creative and strategic thinking
    ? Excellent organizational, teamwork and relationship building skills
    ? Experience with and proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace, Social Media
    platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and design programs including Canva and Adobe
    Creative Cloud.
    ? Ability to handle a large volume of confidential information

    Position Goals
    The main goals of the Community Outreach Coordinator to create and institute an advocacy strategy,
    develop a marketing plan, and ensure that all North Valley Food Bank stakeholders (board, donors,
    customers, volunteers, etc.) are informed about food insecurity and the organization’s projects. The
    Community Outreach Coordinator will also be responsible for building out a system to connect customers
    with federal benefit programs, especially SNAP and Medicaid.

    Position Duties
    This position supports many of North Valley Food Bank’s functions. Thus, the right candidate will be able
    to manage their time between multiple spheres of work.

    Outreach and Advocacy Management
    ? Build and execute an advocacy strategy for NVFB in coordination with the Executive Director
    ? Develop and execute annual community outreach and marketing strategies in collaboration with
    Executive Director and Director of Development
    ? Lead social media engagement in coordination with Executive Director and Director of
    ? Market and raise awareness for events, workshops, food drives, fundraisers and special
    ? Compile creative and informative monthly digital newsletters and semi-annual reports
    ? Regularly update NVFB’s website
    ? Prepare educational resources (i.e. website posts, newsletter articles, live or online presentations)
    about NVFB projects, food insecurity, and food justice

    Executive and Developmental Support
    ? Maintain Grants Calendar and support grant writing in collaboration with the Director of
    Development and the Executive Director
    ? Support the maintenance of the donor database and preparation of donor mailings
    ? Support Governance Committee in maintenance of board documents
    ? Support the NVFB Board with minutes of monthly meetings in collaboration with Board
    Operational Support
    ? Greet walk-in visitors and answer phone calls from the public
    ? Develop and implement ways to communicate regularly with customers about community
    resources, federal programs, and local opportunities. Examples include creating and distributing
    informational flyers and periodic customer newsletters.
    ? Organize staff training opportunities and site visits with outside agencies who also serve public
    ? Aid volunteer Resource Assistants during store hours, and fulfill the RA role when volunteers
    aren’t available.
    ? Maintain weekly open appointments to help customers with SNAP, WIC, and other public
    benefit applications.
    ? Maintain an acute awareness of changes to SNAP and WIC benefits and share changes with the
    staff team.
    ? In collaboration with the Volunteer Coordinator, aid in volunteer recruitment efforts, as well as
    planning of the annual Volunteer Appreciation Party.
    ? In collaboration with the staff team, support all food drives.

    Physical/Environmental Demands
    The ability to periodically lift up to 50 pounds, bend, twist, and kneel are necessary functions of the job.
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