• Trail ride wranglers in Glacier National Park, West Glacier and the Swan Valley

    Swan Mountain Outfitters (Crown of the Continent Discovery Center)
    Job Description
    Trail Ride Wranglers Needed for Swan Mountain Outfitters
    Through guided horseback adventures, family-owned Swan Mountain Outfitters connects their guests to the hidden treasures of Glacier National Park and Northwest Montana. Trail Ride Wranglers are employed from May 16 through September 30, to lead 1-hour to full day Glacier Park-approved trail rides, while captivating guests with the extensive history of the Park. Wranglers may also work from the Swan Mountain Corral in West Glacier, located at the Crown of the Continent Discovery Center. Employment start and end dates can be flexible.
    Wranglers are responsible for ensuring guest safety, maintaining trails and facilities and providing daily care of horses. We have a 6-day work week, pay a monthly salary ($1200 for first year wranglers), plus tips and full room and board (all rent, food and utilities are provided for the summer). We are looking for employees that have strong customer service, good horsemanship, experience doing trail rides or other horse related jobs, good work ethic and who are physically fit. Interested individuals can submit an application online at: